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Here I am

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Hi! I am Umberto, a Spiritual Life Coach. I am kind, open-minded, a good listener and I’m very passionate about my profession. What can I do for you? My main goal is to share mindfullness. I really care about giving people concrete and powerful help to improve their quality of life.

That’s my beginning on social media. But it is just another step on the long road that I started 15 years ago when I got passionate about studying philosophy, psychology and spirituality. But let’s say which help I can give you.


What I can do for you: my exciting path strongly helps

My journey first helped me a lot in improving the quality of my life, since I was full of problems, insecurity, fears that I had in my youth.
Then helping myself was no longer enough, so here I am to share this beautiful path to all people who are looking for something deeper and more meaningful. Or to those who are fleeing from something. Or who are stuck in a situation that doesn’t want to change.
Most importantly, this path will help you to solve your problems and their causes, to heal your inner self, to increase your consciousness. But also to see things from a new point of view and finally to discover the roots of balance, joy and peace.
Last but not least, you will discover the “golden path” written throughout history by different thinkers and through which you can totally transform your mind, your life and your actions.
Growing more and more for an exceptional future, clear and full of possibilities!


Existence Assistant

Existence Assistant is my brand, a brand of quality, passion and enthusiasm for my cause. I care to offer to those who no longer know where to find answers. For this reason, I will often publish quick thoughts, meaningful images – all those on my site were taken by me, impact quotes. So any kind of little advice or stimulus that allows you to enjoy your life more.

Don’t keep the bad things to yourself by letting them grow slowly. Let’s find a solution, and then purify and calm your mind by talking together through convenient audio/video calls.
I’m reachable on most social media, including Skype and Telegram, as Existence Assistant. Besides I offer the first session for free and also a summer promo: 25% discount!

Contact me or call me, or by mail:

I wish you to create the best version of yourself for a conscious and exciting life!
And now let’s begin to become what we are made of, enjoying it with pleasant amazement.